Thursday, December 31, 2015

Year-end Update: Must Read in 2015

Where, oh where did 2015 go?

The thing I dislike the most about aging is how quickly time flies. How I wish I could make time s-l-o-w down!

A whole year has passed since I joined Carrie from There Is A Book For That, and others in composing my 2015 Must Read list. And, while I am currently away on vacation, and feel the need to do vacation activities, it's time for a year-end update.

On January 1 my Must Read list looked like this:

By July 2 I had 5 titles remaining:  Baseball Is ...,Grandfather Gandhi, If I Stay, The Summer of Letting Go, and The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B.

Baseball Is ...
A wonderful nonfiction picture book for the baseball fan. Despite the American bent, we had a lot of fun with this one as Canada's team found itself playing ball in October this year. (Go Jays Go!) Lots of facts. Beautiful illustrations.

Grandfather Gandhi
I waited a long time for this one. And it didn't disappoint. I'm not sure what moved me the most: the story itself, or the story of how the book came to be written. Inspirational.

If I Stay
I have to say I was a little disappointed with this one. Too much hype perhaps? Not sure. I certainly didn't bother with the sequel.

The Summer of Letting Go
Has become one of my go-to recommendations. Even better than The Pull of Gravity. Sweet and touching. A must-read.

The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B
One of my favourite reads of 2015. In many ways it reminded me of Eleanor and Park, with those very real characters - the ones you don't expect to see in the starring roles. Read this one.

15 titles chosen for this list. 15 titles read. A mix of genres. Brown Girl Dreaming and Ordinary Grace probably affected me the most. But overall, so much good reading.

I can't wait to see what 2016 brings.


  1. I am so happy you also loved The Summer of Letting Go. It is such a beautiful book! So impressed that you read all of your list!

    1. Yes, I was disciplined, but setting a realistic goal helped, too! I'm trying to pare down my 2016 list to a reasonable amount. Tough job.

  2. Julie, you read some really great titles! I, too, was very moved by Brown Girl Dreaming and was glad it was recognized with so many awards. One of the titles you have in your list that I also read and fell in love with was Shhh! We Have a Plan! Such a simple book, but it makes me happy when I read it! The fourth graders I was teaching last year LOVED that book-- the bold, vibrant art and humorous story make it stand out in my mind. I'm curious to see what will be on your 2016 list! Happy New Year!

    1. Yes, I loved Shhh! as well. I haven't used it at school yet - way too many books! I'm happy to know grade four students enjoyed it. I'm going to check your update now and I look forward to your 2016 list. Happy New Year to you too, Virginia.


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