Friday, September 26, 2014

Picture Book Heaven - Part One

I returned to school this week to find a great big box of picture books that I had ordered the previous week.

Honestly - what a kid-in-a-candy store feeling!

And what a box full of treats I got this time.

One book that stayed with me the whole week was Trudy Ludwig's The Invisible Boy.

This very sweet, but powerful story asks the question, "which is worse - being laughed at or feeling invisible?"

It just hit me in the gut when I read that line. I substituted Brian's face for many other little faces I have known over the years. The ones who are not loud and sociable. The ones who don't demand to be at the forefront. We are all on the lookout for the child who is treated unfairly - the boy or girl who is laughed at or criticized. But what about those students who seem to take up no space at all? The ones who appear to be drawn in muted shades of grey? The Invisible Boy has reminded me that I have the opportunity and the obligation to make sure that no invisible students enter my library.

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