Monday, September 22, 2014

Feeling Autumnal

A few short weeks ago, I believed that my ideal reading location involved at least three of the following: sun, sand, water, cold beverage, semi-reclined position. Oh, how fickle I can be.

Although this past weekend found me soaking up every last patio minute of the summer of 2014, I have to admit that I have been feeling down-right autumnal of late. Blame it on the chilly mornings. Or the early setting of the sun. It could even be the arrival of  the Pumpkin Spiced Latte candles and soaps at Bath and Body Works.

In reality, I think it's the Starz production of Outlander that has me all loving the idea of Fall. Costume designer, Terry Dresbach has done such a superb job. I am over the moon for the woolens that Claire wraps around herself  in an effort to protect her from the cold and damp Highland weather - and to just look amazing. Not only am I embracing the idea again of cuddling up with a good book, a hot tea, and a warm blanket, but I am seriously thinking about resurrecting my knitting needles and getting to work on some of these chunky infinity scarves and wrist warmers.

What a way to get over a quickly fading summer.

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