Friday, July 11, 2014

Must Read in 2014: July Update

So, I'm a little embarrassed at my progress in the Must Read in 2014 campaign.

In conjunction with Carrie at There's a Book For That, and others, I began 2014 with a list of 10 books that I was determined to read NOW.

In April I updated that list.

Now here it is July and time for another update. Can you believe that I have only moved one more title to my Completed List? How can this be?  Any reader will understand when I say that I got a little sidetracked with new books, available books, books that came highly recommended.

But the purpose of the Must Read in 2014 is to tame these ever-growing TBR piles.

Have no fear. I know I'll complete the task.  I'm just happy that I only selected 10 must-reads.

So which book did I read since my last update?

I remember Daughter1 and Daughter2 reading Sisterhood around the time when it was first published (2001). They were the target age, and they loved it. I was never sure what it was about, and never seemed to have the time nor inclination to give it a read. Yet, I always kind of wondered.

Although a little dated in 2014 (best friends being connected only through snail mail when forced to spend their summer in different parts of the world),  Sisterhood has an enduring charm to it. The events and emotions experienced by these four teen girls is as applicable in the technological age as it was at the turn of the millennium. I liked it. I liked it so much that when the Scholastic Book Club flyer came out with the boxed set of the series, I picked it up for my personal library.

Has anyone watched the movie? What are your thoughts?

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