Monday, October 7, 2013

My Library Helper

I, like many school librarians, have a library helper. Carley takes her job very seriously. She bounds into the Library each day to see if there are books waiting in her bin to be reshelved. Sometimes I try to warn her that the container is too heavy and she should take two or three loads. Nothing doing. She is a strong girl, and regardless of how full it is, she always carries the bin from the library cart over to the picture book area, and quickly gets to work - announcing each letter where the book will be shelved. On the days when I haven't yet emptied the Book Return and no books are waiting for her, she gives me a distinct look that lets me know she is disappointed in me.

The other day I thanked Carley for doing such a great job. She then told me that she is going to high school (as in next September). She hugged me, and told me how much she is going to miss me. Not nearly as much as I, and our whole school community is going to miss her.

It just so happens that my library helper has Down Syndrome.

When we were working on our One Book One School activity last year, we used Natalie Merchant`s song Wonder. R.J.Polacio has shared that the song played a part in the writing of her bestseller.
  Coincidentally, the song Wonder by Natalie Merchant came on the radio that night, as I was thinking about the ice cream incident, and something about the words to the song just got to me. I started writing Wonder that very night. (from the author`s website)
I found a Youtube video of Natalie Merchant performing Wonder where she discusses her involvement with children with special needs, and the inspiration for the song. I absolutely adore this version, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Wonder Video

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  1. It sounds like Carley's help, attitude and smile will be missed very much when she leaves your school! Hopefully she'll come back and visit lots!


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