Sunday, August 25, 2013

One Last Gasp at Summer

Ahh, where did these July days go?

They were good while they lasted. But it is August now. And not only August, but late August.

The shift in pace seems to have happened almost overnight. I am madly jotting notes and reminders on my phone, a scrap piece of paper, the backside of a receipt - whatever is on hand. Not only am I anxiously anticipating another school year myself, but OnlySon needs to get set up for his second year of uni. He lived in residence in his first year, but this year, as tradition tends to be, is living in a big old house with a bunch of classmates. So there have been trips to IKEA and Costco; trailers to borrow (oh yes, we will need to have a trailer hitch installed on your car says Mr. Fun, and we might want to pick up a bottle as a thank you gift for the trailer owner); trips to the uni town to assemble and install said IKEA furniture, and clean the house itself (we are paying this much rent and it was left in this condition?); insurance appointments to make (Mom - some guy just rear-ended me. Yes, I'm OK, but Dad's car isn't). Oh, and tuition payments to make. As I sit outside on a quiet Sunday morning, I am trying to ignore the frenzy that has taken on a life of it's own around me. Actually come to think of it, the frenzy seems only to inhabit my own being. I appear to be the lone individual overwhelmed by all that remains to be taken care of. I think that says something about who is ultimately responsible for ensuring that another school year begins without a hitch. Or, who assumes they are the one responsible.

In the spirit of that new school year, I think I will take a moment to look back on my last week of summer vacation 2013 - a week that included a few of days of sun, sand, serenity, and a little bit of Pure Michigan.

 All photos my own.

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