Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Here Comes Summer!

It is officially summer! If it weren't for the date on the calendar, and the fact that it is the last week of school, the steamy weather of late should be a big clue. This all leads to a peak at my Summer Reads pile.

Of course, this summer there will be the books that I think I have to read, and the books that I will read in bits and pieces and leave scattered here and there. But you want to know what I am going to be reading that I simply cannot put down when I am at the beach or poolside - the books I will carry with me wherever I go, and the ones I will stay up way too late to finish. Those are the real Summer Reads. I have memories of going to the beach with Daughter1, Daughter2, and OnlySon when they were young. If I was into a great book I would purposely leave it at home just because I couldn't be trusted to tear myself away from it and guarantee the childrens' safety. This is the kind of book I am looking for; especially since I am no longer responsible for doing head counts on the shores of Lake Huron. These books are often referred to as Beach Reads. However, this term usually carries the unsavoury connotation of mindless romance stories. I like my Summer Reads to grab me with a plot, a character, or a setting, right from the get-go. I want the reading to be fairly easy; yet, not just fluff. I want something that has a little intellectual gratification to it. I hope I have found it with this year's selection. I have used personal recommendations and trusted book reviews to compile this book pile. I'm sure it will get edited somewhat in the weeks to come, but for now it looks like this:


This just sounded too good to pass up. Smart. Funny, with a bit of suspense.

I LOVE Maeve Binchy. She was one of a kind.
90's New York City by Gilmore Girl Lauren Graham.
I don't want to be the only one not reading this.
Described as "Gossip Girl meets Gone Girl." That's enough for me.
Hailed as a beautifully-written story of family, secrets, loss, and rediscovery.
The Prey books - my guilty pleasure. The only reason they haven't been adapted to film is because there is no one cool enough to play Lucas Davenport.
Emotional. Many have said that it is impossible not to be read in one sitting.
The marriages of four couples, spanning a hundred years.
With a review like this, how could I pass? "Fascinating and engrossing, one of those rare books that would help you through an airplane flight without insulting your intelligence. In a word, it's literature. It also happens to be dark and sexy" (Tracy Kidder) 
Traces the friendships of six teenagers from the 70's to present. The reviews sound "interesting" to me.
What is in your Summer Reads pile? Anything I'm missing?


  1. Oh my gosh! Reconstructing Amelia got me with the Gossip Girl meets Gone Girl reference. My guilty pleasure TV show and the suspense book of 2012 I couldn't put down? I need to read this!

    I've heard VERY good things about the Lauren Graham novel (mostly surprise as in, she's a writer who just happens to be a celebrity, not a celebrity who just happens to have a ghost writer...) and Crazy Rich Asians is getting some serious buzz online.

    I think those three are going to have to be my summer reads of 2013! I've also put in a request at the library for the first two books by Gillian Flynn, Sharp Objects and Dark Places. If they're anything like Gone Girl they'll be perfect summer reads!

    1. I thought you would like that description of Reconstructing Amelia - a very crafty phrase (I'm just not sure where I heard it).


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