Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Fever

The inspiration for this post came from a couch. Just a lonely old couch on the side of the road that I came across while out walking. There was no one sitting on the couch to explain how it came to be where it was but as I continued walking I imagined how the events played out. You see I was walking through a university campus in the downtown core of my city. I could envision a group of students dragging the couch from a lounge. Three, four, or five of them probably tried to squeeze onto the tattered cushions, and with favourite beverages in hand, they laughed raucously as they enjoyed a bit of the spring teaser we were being blessed with. Then, when classes or studying beckoned , the couch was abandoned for another group to enjoy or haul back to it's proper home.

I can imagine this because a) I was once a university student myself, and b) every year I, too,  succumb to that powerful malady known as "Spring Fever." It takes a little more for the symptoms to appear in me these days, as could be witnessed by my attire - long down parka, scarf, hat, and gloves. But in a nod to the season, my beautiful and functional BOG boots had been replaced by a pair of runners. I sense that back at my Alma mater the Concrete Beach was littered with under-dressed girls and guys catching every early-April ray they could find. It was still a little too chilly for any of that in my opinion, as the app on my phone attested (Sunny 8 degrees C.)

My walk progressed and I saw more evidence that the disease had struck some early casualties.  The boys below were absolutely adorable. They were about ten years old. I first saw them running around the square, coats discarded. They followed that up with rolling down the little embankment at the cenotaph and play-wrestling. It was like they were trying to do it all in this short window of fairly decent weather. As I looked over my shoulder before climbing the hill I saw them putting on this display for passing motorists. They would squeal in delight when they were rewarded with the honk of a car horn. It was a priceless exhibit of youthful joy and abandonment.

I know the full onslaught of Spring Fever is not far off. When it hits it is the most dizzy, delicious, and delectable feeling to be had. It throws you off balance; leaves you giddy and mesmerized. It's a little bit like falling in love, but it happens every year (maybe that does happen every year for some people.) Nothing else seems to matter. Just as long as you get outside. The sidewalks, parks, and patios are full of people. Suddenly you are reconnecting with the neighbours you haven't seen for the past few months. Everyone you meet has a smile on their face. You forget about that assignment that is due, the income tax not yet filed, or that errand you promised to run. It's spring and everything else can wait. We may have to endure a Canadian winter, but that's exactly why we get Spring Fever. What a gift!  It's the opportunity to shed the heaviness of our winter coats and renew ourselves.

I, for one, am waiting anxiously for that first "Patio Day" - the true sign of Spring Fever. I'm afraid the  temperature will have to be in the double digits. But I won't need a thermometer. Spring will be in the air and I won't be able to help but be sucked in by it. Can I buy you a drink?


  1. I'm also getting excited for "reading by the pool" season! Any recommendations for good, light-but-not-too-fluffy pool/beach reads? Would love to see a post on that!

    1. Well it's not near warm enough for that yet, but good idea. Thank you. Maybe late May would be a good time for me to start putting together a summer reading list.


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