Tuesday, March 19, 2013

And We're Off!

Hi, Welcome to The Fun Librarian - The Blog edition!

I'm sure you know the blog drill by now. Grab yourself a cup of tea, coffee, or  ____________ (fill in the blank). Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable.

I am an Elementary School Librarian with one of the best jobs possible. I work at a small rural school with wonderful students and an amazing staff. I don't have to worry about tests or marks in the Library. My only concern is that it is a welcoming, fun space to read, imagine, learn, create, and wonder. How lucky am I that each day I get to witness that look of awe on a child's face when I turn the page to reveal a stunning illustration in a picture book? Or that look that every student gets at some point, when they have made a connection to something that I am reading? I will never get enough of the not-so-suppressed laughter of 14 six-year olds as I read to them the antics of Mo Willem's Pigeon. Or the chatter of a group of 11-year old girls giving up their lunch hour to paint a welcome banner for an expected guest.  And if that's not enough, my view looking out isn't so bad either!

So this is what you can expect from this blog: lots of book reviews, booktalks, and book trailers. Some links to fascinating things I have read. And of course, stories from my real life. Students will definitely pop up in these stories, as well as the people who hang out in my nest away from school. I will soon introduce you to Mr. Fun, Daughter1, Daughter2, and OnlySon.

Hang On! We've Only Just Begun!

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